Checkup and Scale & Clean

Checkup and Scale & Clean

W Dental Baldivis focuses on providing General Dental services to the community. If it’s your first time at our clinic and you haven’t see a dentist in a while, we recommend a Checkup and Scale & Clean.

Our dentists will conduct a thorough Checkup, which might include X-rays, to determine if there are any problems that need addressing. We are now able to chart treatment plans for your long term dental care. Our dentists will explain clearly and in detail what needs to be done and why it is important. You can now make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Regular Scale & Cleans are important as calculus builds up gradually, often without you realising. Calculus can lead to poor gum health and periodontal disease (bone loss) which may require more invasive treatment in the future. Calculus is formed when plaque hardens; as such, we recommend effective and regular brushing to remove as much plaque as possible in a timely manner. However, once plaque hardens, it is difficult to remove and will require a visit to the dentist for Scale & Clean treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide general dental services from simple checkups to restorative dentistry.
Yes payment plans are available – more info is available on our payment plans page.

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New patient special: Checkup, clean, x-rays.
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