What is Decay? Why do I need Fillings?

Decay is wearing away of tooth material that is caused by an acidic environment. How does this happen? Bacteria and food are the culprits.

Plaque is a build up of bacteria which sticks to the teeth. The presence of food in the mouth reacts with bacteria creating acids that attack the enamel. If enough damage is done, this can result in caries or decay. Decay has a dark brown, almost black appearance; it is unsightly and also extremely harmful.

Fillings are used to restore the tooth

In order to prevent further damage, decay needs to be removed. If untreated, decay can infect the pulp which requires root canal treatment or extraction. Once the decay has been removed, the cavity is prepared for restoration. As its name suggests, fillings are used to restore the tooth; they seal the cavity, protecting the pulp.

There are two options for fillings: amalgam and composite. Amalgam fillings are made from alloys and have a silver appearance. Composite fillings have a tooth coloured appearance and are made from resins.

W Dental Baldivis only offers composite fillings. We believe our patients value the natural look only composite can offer. Additionally, while we acknowledge that amalgam does have some benefits, we believe the composite material is the best option for our patients’ long term dental health. 

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