Why do I need an extraction?

Inside every tooth, beneath the enamel there is a substance known as “the pulp”. The pulp is the contains nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Decay can cause the pulp to become infected. If this happens, the tooth will have to be extracted, unless root canal treatment can be performed.

Root Canal Treatment vs Extraction?

We generally recommend root canal treatment, as it will save your tooth and is cheaper than an extraction in the long run.

Initially, an extraction seems like the cheaper option. However, a dental bridge or implant is needed to fill the gap. Without it, the adjacent teeth will shift, causing crooked teeth and an incorrect bite. In the long run, an extraction can prove to be more costly than root canal treatment.

However, sometimes an extraction is the only option. If the cavity is large, performing a root canal can cause the tooth to be structurally weak. Therefore, root canal treatment isn’t always a viable option.

Making a decision

Ultimately, it is the patient’s decision. W Dental Baldivis aims to empower our patients to make an informed choice. Factors such as initial cost, tooth location, tooth suitability, functionality, and aesthetic goals are all relevant to the decision making process.

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