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If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about an upcoming dental procedure, it may be worth exploring painless options like sedation or sleep dentistry as part of your dental treatment.  

Sleep dentistry is perfect for highly anxious patients who have dental fears, including fear of needles, fear of pain and fear of dentists. This is great if you’re a nervous patient who may put off dental treatment due to extreme anxiety and fear, as sleep dentistry allows you to undergo dental treatment in a comfortable and relaxed state.

Here at W Dental Baldivis, we offer exceptional sedation or sleep dentistry services in Perth, allowing our patients to experience a painless and stress-free dental visit. 

Sleep Dentistry Procedure

Our sleep dentistry service is provided by a registered anaesthetist, who uses a combination of different drugs to induce a sleep-like or semi-conscious state. This allows anxious patients to have dental work completed in a pain-free, comfortable and relaxed manner without their anxiety stopping them from getting treatment done. 

Here at W Dental Baldivis, all our dental implant procedures are carried out prior to your dental treatment. Your anaesthetist will provide you with information regarding the procedure, including fasting times. On the day of your procedure, your anaesthetist will administer the drugs through an IV port and be on hand to monitor your health during the drug administration as well as seeing you through recovery. 

How Much Does Sleep Dentistry in Perth Cost?

The fees for IV sedation will vary depending on the time needed for the procedures. Prices for sleep dentistry services will be confirmed by your anaesthetist prior to your appointment. Payment plans are also available.

Sleep Dentistry: Frequently Asked Questions

Read through some frequently asked questions we receive about sleep dentistry in Perth below. To find out whether sedation dentistry is a suitable option for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

We provide general dental services from simple checkups to restorative dentistry.
Yes payment plans are available – more info is available on our payment plans page.

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Sleep dentistry is dental work completed with the help of IV sedation. An anaesthetist comes to the clinic and will administer the IV drugs for your session.

Sleep dentistry is also known as “twilight” sedation dentistry. While patients are not completely asleep (like in a GA situation), patients do not remember or are aware of the dental procedures being completed.

Sleep dentistry is an extremely helpful solution, to be able to provide quality pain-free dental care and treatment for our extremely anxious patients. 

Sleep dentistry costs will start at approximately $1000 per hour. All costs will be discussed with patients prior to any upcoming treatment. 

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