Dr Emily Milligan

Dr. Emily Milligan


Born and raised in Western Australia, Dr Emily Milligan graduated dentistry from the University of Western Australia with honours in 2012. She has spent the last 8 years in private practice, honing her skills and enjoying the many facets of general dentistry. In particular, the wonderful joy of treating entire families – from grandparents, all the way down to their little grand-babies.

Above all else, Emily relishes building relationships with her patients. She likes nothing more than taking the necessary time to truly get to know the people she treats, to earn their trust, understand their concerns and work with them to come up with solutions. She prides herself on her communication skills and her patients are forever leaving with her hand-drawn diagrams to better realise their dental health and treatment needs.

With a love of art, Emily has a keen eye for detail and aesthetic harmony. When she isn’t improving smiles, she likes getting messy with paint (especially with her many nieces and nephews!), playing with her over-sized puppies and consuming all the books she can get her hands on. 

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